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We are the major company Pars Manganez,

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We, at Pars Mavad Naqsh Jahan, as a subsidiary of Pars Manganese Holdings, play a pivotal role in the world by utilizing advanced technologies and a dedicated, experienced team, we specialize in the production and supply of top-quality alloys for various industries. Aligned with the world's progress towards a modern future, we stand out as a globally recognized provider of superior alloys, focusing on quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in partnering with major industries in Iran and around the world. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with customers and collaborators, delivering high-quality and reliable products and services. Continuous improvement of production processes, the use of sustainable methods, and environmental stewardship are our objectives to contribute to sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources. Decades of experience in the industry have shaped our expertise, ensuring competitive prices and quality. Relying on the experience and skills of our team, we, at Pars Manganese Naqsh Jahan, in the high-quality alloy supply industry, are committed to further development and growth in the global market.

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"Our products are sourced from the highest quality and finest raw materials available in the market, ensuring their purity through up-to-date quality control tests and measurement methods"

High-Purity Ferrosilicon Alloys

Experience a new level of steel production with our high-purity ferrosilicon alloys of exceptional quality

Custom alloy compositions

Specialized solutions for specific applications in the steel, casting, and other industries.

Inoculation Agents for Grey Iron casting

With our inoculant products, achieve the highest global quality in the production of uniform gray iron casting.

Silicon additives for special steels

Our top-grade silicon additives ensure maximum efficiency in the production of steel and iron casting, delivering the highest quality
ferro alloys products
ferro alloys products
parsferro products